The Hera By Day Story 

 Holly Stavnes - Owner and Designer 

Holly Stavnes - Owner and Designer 

“Our Story” such an interesting thing to write to seeing as Hera By Days’ story has roots as far back to when I was a kid creating wedding dresses with my feet (ask me later). Design, creativity, painting, drawing, all things I had a passion for at such a young age. I nurtured that passion throughout my life and grew in my own unique style by falling in love with other cultures and learning about their artisans. After spending some time in Peru with the artisan women in the community I lived, I came back with a new appreciation of what it can really mean to have a “Craft”. The bold colors, patterns, textiles, materials, were all so bright and beautiful and inspired me to incorporate more color to my life. One day while while exploring, I saw this woman wearing a turban and instantly HAD to have one. I loved the bold statement it made, how it was shaped, the culture behind it, and how it stood out from the crowd. After that I couldn't stop dreaming about the endless possibilities of the turbans I could create and the color patterns I could experiment with. Bringing my favorite elements together, I made Hera By Day’s first turban July 2013 and have been creating ever since. 

All the fabrics used are hand selected and paired with unique embellishments that compliment each Turban’s pattern and color palette. The combination of the lightweight fabrics and bold designs make for the perfect fashion forward accessory. Each turban has a unique structure and design that is comfortable and of course, super chic. We take pride that all materials are top quality and handmade in the U.S.A. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for new things happening with Hera By Day

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